KPI reporting
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KPI stands for ‘Key Performance Indicators’. With this instrument subjects are measurable which are important indicators for the client. H&S Logistic Services uses the KPI-approach to inform the customer, optimize services and monitor our suppliers. This provides us insight in the logistic process and makes clear which parts can be optimized. 
Examples of our KPI’s are:
  • number of complaints;
  • applying the correct material;
  • used cleaning procedure (bulk liquid)
  • on time providing of information

At the same time we also measure the cooperation with our client:  

  • number of late orders;
  • number of late order changes;
  • distribution of orders during the week.
The combination of our performance together with the performance of our customer is combined in a "collaborative Performance", which is monitoring the total service. For more information about KPI monitoring, you can contact us using the contact page.

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